About Us

About Us

ADVMX Park opened in 2003 with the idea that MX was unrecognized and Austin needed a MX park to show this Live Music Capital what MX was all about. This desire fueled the vision to create what is now ADVMX Park.

Now, almost 14 years later, the track has changed and evolved tremendously. Dennis Goehring has owned ADVMX Park since it's inception in December of 2003. Dennis' vision that he initially created is continuing with the same underlying passion to provide a challenging and safe MX park for local and statewide riders. As a result, we're extremely fortunate to have a high quality MX track, right in Austin's backyard, where we all can twist the throttle and enjoy the ride.

our mission

Our mission at ADVMX Park is to create a safe and exhilarating MX experience for all of our riders. We want our riders to be able to enjoy the thrill of riding on a well laid out, well planned out MX track, that not only challenges the novice rider but can also challenge even the most experienced rider.

We work very hard to keep the track in tip top shape, constantly adding sand and dirt to make sure your experience is smooth and clean along with a gritty and challenging ride. Our riders come from all over Central Texas to challenge their ride with our ever changing, ever evolving MX track.

We always ask our riders to be aware of track changes. We are constantly improving and making changes to our track. So please be aware there is always potential for minor changes. Our advice is if your are new to ADVMX Park please take the time to get to know the track. Always make a dry run before you let it rip! If you ever have any questions about the track and the technicalities of track and the workings of our facilities, please do not hesitate to email us or call us.

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