ADVMX Park Rules & Safety Tips

ADVMX Park Rules & Safety Tips

Let's face it, MX is a dangerous sport. However, if you keep our park rules
and these safety tips in mind while you ride you have a better chance of minimizing the injuries to
yourself and to others.

 ADVMX Park Rules

  • Wear your helmet and full gear when riding on any track.

Safety Tips

  • "Ride within your limits so you can be ride again tomorrow". This was great advice that was given to me when I started riding again and to me it makes total sense and I want to pass it on here. If you're riding out of control and/or when your fatigued you risk injury to yourself, others and costly repairs to your bike. It's better to back off a little bit and progressively train or work on one aspect of your riding skills then to crank out laps where your riding out of control.
  • When you crash, whether it's in a turn or jump, always try to get off the track with your bike as quickly as possible (assuming your capable). If your not seriously hurt or unconscious and you're capable of of restarting the bike be sure to GET OFF THE TRACK FIRST. This is especially important if you fall on the blind side of a jump because you're in danger of being hit by another rider who cant see you. Consequently, you risk more injury to yourself by being hit by another rider and injuring another rider. So, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, always try to get yourself and your bike off the track after you fall or crash.