Gear Bag

ADVMX Gear Bag

Like anybody's gear bag at the track this page is just like that, full of stuff you might need. So, when the track is closed or you you can't make it out then check out the links below.

Local Supporting Businesses

  • HyperX Racewear: Stuart Bailey is sponsoring Weston Peick and also several of our races, so be sure to check out his website and buy some gear!
  • Kent Motorsports: Kent Motorsports is helping us with our Honda rental program so come out and test one out or better yet just buy one.
  • TJ Cycles: If you got a KTM then you'll find everything you need at TJ's
  • Cycle Gear: The guys at Cycle Gear always very helpful and have a great selection of the latest MX gear and can also order just about anything if they don't have it in stock. Stop by and check them out if you're in the 183 and Burnet area.
  • Cycle Nation Power Sports: If you are looking for some new boots be sure to stop by and try on the new TCX Pro 2.1 boots. These boots have heavy duty ankle support and at great price. They also have a solid inventory of ONE and TLD MX.  Ask for Brian and look for their van at the the track.
  • Action Sports Photography: MX is a fast action sport and
    it's incredibly difficult to capture the moment with a digital camera. So, if you are looking for someone to capture your riding skills and make you look like a pro and/or turn it into a cool poster then call Jim Redman at Action Sports Photography. Here's an example of what he can do for you.

Track Tips

  • Magic Eraser: Do you ever notice how when you fall your decals always get scuffed and marked up? Well, Magic Eraser will clean them up so they look new again, I don't how it works but it does and it's safe on your decals and plastics and you can find them at your local HEB. All you need to do is wet the sponge a little bit and gently rub and it magically removes all the scuff marks, great for around the house too.
  • Bleeding your forks: Whenever you bleed your forks it's best to put your bike up a stand so the front wheel is suspended. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating a vacuum inside your forks and they wont perform to their full capability.

Cool Links

Description Everything you could possibly need for MX in one site. I also love their wish list feature too.

Transworld MX
If you like their magazine then you'll love their website. Great for staying up to date on all things MX.

Pro Motocross
I like because they have a complete archive off all the nationals. They will also post the complete first and the second moto for each race.  Sometimes on TV coverage they only show the second moto with highlights from the first so you miss a lot of the race. Also, if you don't have access to some of the channels they offer live streaming of the races as well.

"How To..." Videos
Follow this link and you will find dozens of short videos on how to maintain, repair and upgrade your bike. Very helpful videos for the "mechanically challenged" riders.

Coach Seiji
Did you know that right here in Austin we have our very own MX fitness trainer? I recently discovered this site and I love his philosophy and his articles that appeal to all levels of riders. So whether you're  weekend Vet warrior or a young gun there's great information available here to help you improve at the track and if that's not enough then Coach Seiji has
different levels of programs that you can enroll in to step up your game.

RacerX Online
 RacerX is CONSTANTLY being updated with everything and anything on MX and SX.  Check it out
More Coming...