About Our Tracks

Call before you haul! ADVMX Rules & Regulations and our Organized Practice Rules for the main track.

Main Pro Track:

Our Main  Pro Track is always fully prepped (ripped, tilled and watered) for practice every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  On Wednesday we're open from 5:30 to 11:00 and Thursdays we're open from 5:30 pm to dark (for Junior and Beginner riders ONLY).Our NEW LIGHTS are awesome so escape the heat and come check it out. This track is for intermediate to advanced riders and features several technical jumps, and tabletops and rhythm sections. Also, our Track Master Chris Ibey does an OUTSTANDING job of changing up the jumps and adding new sections or turns so rider's are constantly challenged. Consequently, it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you take a few site laps at the beginning of your moto to get a feel for the track.   Check out the videos below to get see our Main/Pro Track:

Vet Track:

Our new Vet track is more fun and challenging for all young and beginner or Vet riders. So, now young riders can hone their skills before advancing to the Pro track. Check out this video and come on out:

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