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Our Spring Classic MX Night Race is coming up on Saturday, July 13, 2019 @4 pm.

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Check out our upcoming races at ADVMX Park. We usually have 2-3 races per year. 

UPDATE: Our Summer Classic Night Race is

Saturday, July 13, 2019 at 4:00 pm.

***This race was rescheduled from June 7, cancelled due to rain.


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ADVMX in my opinion one of the best MX parks anywhere. The people who run the place are the nicest folks you could meet and strive to make your riding experience the best ever. The main track has it all, from rollers, jumps, blasting berms and sandy loam all over. A Fun Vet track and Pee Wee track are equally fun. Thank you ADVMX for all you do.read more
Moto Kawi
Moto Kawi
14:28 30 Mar 18
Love the layout of Del Valle. Me and my dad went last week and had a great time. Just a few concerns, however. I would like to chalk the poor track prep to the rain the previous day. But there are a few jumps that have unnecessary dips and and lips near the downslope. It makes some of the jumps not even attempt-able. As for facilities, the track could use better upkeep and maintenance. The port-a-potties were unclean and one didn't have toilet paper. Maybe add a few more, one possibly up by the hill seeing as most of your racers like to camp up there for the view. One more concern, there were many spots on the alley down to the track that were covered in nails. I would be really disappointed if I had popped a tire due to a stray nail.Del Valle, you're doing great, you've got a great flow to your track! Just a few rough spots that make the track a little less forgiving. Keep it up �read more
Michael Harbour
Michael Harbour
19:19 18 Nov 16
Right by downtown Austin and only seconds away from COTA makes for a good action sports venue. Staff wise, make sure you go in with a good mood because the employee that's usually there taking the money and having you sign is one of the best people to talk too and she is very sweet to everyone.read more
Trevor Meehan
Trevor Meehan
16:12 01 Apr 16
I've been riding dirtbikes for a couple years but avoided MX tracks because they are so dangerous. The layout at Del Valle and the beginner track changed my mind. The track layout is very safe and well thought out. I had so much fun and felt so confident I brought my wife out. She was reluctant at first, but after riding with the Jr. group she felt very comfortable. Now my only problem is she wants to ride every day! The beginner track and open field is perfect for a brand new rider. The MX track has always been well groomed and is very forgiving to allow you to learn, yet the layout is interesting and challenging enough to keep a more experienced rider entertained and challenged for many laps. We go to Del Valle MX every chance we get!read more
Chris Davis
Chris Davis
03:37 24 Nov 15
Had an awesome time watching my kids ride this morning. They got to do about 2 hours on the big track with 6 or so big bikes and they kept turning laps! They are looking forward to the possibility of getting to actually ride in a race during the Austin Area Champ series in Sept/Oct. Thank you to the AWESOME staff for letting them get some laps in today along with all others that drove out for a little practice.read more
Wes Wiese
Wes Wiese
20:11 03 Aug 14


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